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Voices into Action

Report on the National Dialogue on Health Care Transformation

Canadian Medical Association, 2011

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How Do Canadians Rate the Health Care System?

11- 2010

Health Council of Canada releases 2010 Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy Survey results.  The bulletin indicates that although, Canadians feel strongly about their health care system, they recognize the need for key improvements to the system. Over half of Canadians surveyed feel that fundamental changes are required to make the system work better.


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Evaluating Canada's Compassionate Care Benefit

From the Perspective of Family Caregivers

03- 2010

This study has aimed to provide policymakers with the information required on how to improve the CCB program and better meet the needs of family caregivers in Canada.


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Why Health Care Renewal Matters:
Learning from Canadians with Chronic Health Conditions

Canada must strengthen efforts to prevent chronic health conditions and support patients as active partners in their own care, says the Health Council of Canada’s latest report. If governments act now, they can curb the growing epidemic of chronic illness such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

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CIHI – Home Care Reporting System

Home care is recognized as a critical component of an efficient and effective health care system. To meet the need for consistent, comparable home care information, CIHI developed the Home Care Reporting System "HCRS".
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