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CHCA on the Issues - Restorative Care

Restorative care programs are uniquely designed for post-acute discharge patients who are often seniors with physical or mental disabilities. Restorative care programs help individuals adapt to their condition by learning or re-learning the skills needed to function in everyday life. Family caregivers’ active involvement and understanding of the care interventions are essential to the success of these programs. Caregivers must have the familiarity, confidence and ability to support the care recipient’s recovery and independence. After completing the formal restorative care program, the caregiver will be the primary resource for their loved one. Currently, home care providers often lack the tools and strategies to engage with, educate and coach caregivers to provide home-based restorative care.

Partners in Restorative Care will bridge this gap by creating, testing and implementing co-designed educational programs.

Engaging leaders in Partner in Care

Partners in Restorative Care is a three-year project running from 2019 to 2022. We will be working with our project partners to co-design a simulation-based training program, test and adapt the program, and spread and scale the program to other home care organizations.  VHA Home Health Care will guide the development of the training program and coaching of the incubator sites.

Three incubator sites will participate in the testing and evaluation of the training program:

Priority Home Service, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), Manitoba - WRHA’s Home Care Program offers Priority Home Service to support individuals living at home. Priority Home is a short-term (up to 90 days), transitional, intensive and restorative service available to eligible individuals who need a temporary increase in support to recover to their full potential at home.

Home First, Eastern Health, Newfoundland and Labrador - Newfoundland and Labrador is developing and implementing a Home First approach across the health care system to ensure timely access to support and services for individuals with complete needs. This approach is supported by the Canada Newfoundland Home and Community Care Services Funding Agreement.

Home Care Services, Regina North Primary Health Care Centre of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatchewan - Home Care Services provides assistance to individuals and families who require supportive, palliative and acute care services to remain independent in their home.

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