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Knowledge Network - Innovations

Innovation in healthcare is a catalyst to achieving high-quality, accessibility of care, supporting patient outcomes and optimizing health care investment. Innovations present vast opportunities for both product and process improvement in the home and community care sector.   

The Canadian Home Care Association is working with our member organizations to identify, share, scale and spread innovative.


This program builds awareness of opportunities and facilitates the spread and scale of leading-edge practices.  Each brief provides an overview of the key drivers, the context, the innovation, the adoption experience and plans for spread and scale.    

Geko - Spotlight

Modernizing Home Care: A Process to Evaluate and Adopt Innovation

Facilitating consistent access to, and use of, innovative wound care products impacts efficiency and effectiveness of care delivery.  This Spotlight on Innovation describes the development of a strategic procurement process for adding innovations to a product formulary and the process to add the geko™ device.  



Baxter - Spotlight

Patient-Centric Devices Make A Difference in Peoples’ Lives

Patient-centred care is achieving the right balance of safety, autonomy, comfort and efficiency. This Spotlight on Innovation is about patient-centric care and how the Baxter Elastomeric Infusion Devices improves people’s lives.  



3M - Spotlight

Integrating Science and Evidence

Protecting the skin against moisture-associated damage (MASD) is an important component of comprehensive skin and wound care. This Spotlight on Innovation showcases the 3MTM CavilonTM Advanced Skin Protectant which incorporates evidence and breakthrough science to improve care for home care clients* with Moisture-Association Skin Damage.



(Partnership with the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement)

CFHI, in partnership with the CHCA and other national health care organizations, has launched two Innovation Challenges focused on delivering more improvement for more people – and making it last. Providing an opportunity for teams who want to move the dial on health outcomes and work with a community of innovators to reach more people, CFHI’s Challenges are connecting teams with a community of innovators, program support and the potential to receive awards. 

Learn more about the Innovation Challenge timeline and opportunities.


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