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CHCA on the Issues - Am I Safe?

Am I Safe? 

Supporting conversations about patient safety in the home


As the setting of care shifts from acute care to the home, the acuity and complexity of patients receiving care in the home has increased. The element of risk and potential for adverse events increases as more complex care is provided in an unpredictable and / or inconsistent home setting.


Safety conversations must take place often and involve many health care providers across various settings of care.

Am I Safe - Final Summary Report

Environmental Scan & Conversation Tools

An environmental scan and E-Delphi consultation to identify tools and resources available in Canada that could help guide conversations about patient risk among providers, patients and families in the context of care provision in the home setting.



Am I Safe? Conversation Guides

Patients and their carers are the one constant between providers and across care settings. Empowering patients and carers to engage health care providers in conversations and become vested parties in their own safety is critical. This approach will ensure the conversations about patient safety are a priority and always take place no matter where or who is providing care.

Regulated Staff Guide

Professional Guide - Am I Safe

Unregulated Staff Guide

 Unregulated Staff Guide - Am I Safe

Patient & Carer Guide

Patient and Carer Guide Am I Safe

CHCA Accred Canada Report

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Many Hands
Wound Care - Knowledge Network


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