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Home Care Safety Improvement Collaborative – Wave 2

Eight leading home care organizations, part of the Home Care Safety Improvement Collaborative, are working to improve safety and quality as they collaborate to apply proven improvement techniques to introduce and support sustainable change that will keep patients safe in their homes. 

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CHCA on the Issues - Am I Safe?

 Am I Safe? Conversation Guides

Patients and their carers are the one constant between providers and across care settings. Empowering patients and carers to engage health care providers in conversations and become vested parties in their own safety is critical.

“Am I Safe?” supports conversations about patient safety and ensures they always take place no matter where or who is providing care.


Better Home Care Action Plan

Evidence-informed practices in home and community care that result in better care, better outcomes and better value.

OTN - High Impact Practice 2016

Telehomecare in Ontario: Better Health, at Home
Virtual Care Series

The large-scale deployment of Telehomecare as an enabler of care delivery across Ontario. It profiles the role of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) as a driver and catalyst in establishing virtual care models and mobile technologies that improve patient satisfaction and health system efficiencies.

  • 58 to 73 % reduction in emergency department visits
  • 67 – 81% reduction in acute in-patient admission rates
  • Majority of patients indicated overall satisfaction with the service and increased confidence in their self-management skills. 

Pediatric Home Care


Home and Community-Based Services and Supports
Children with Complex Care Needs

Findings of a pan-Canadian scan of the current programs available through provincial and territorial governments for children with complex care needs. 

  • Availability of programs and services
  • Issues, challenges and opportunities 
  • Perspective and advice of parents 
  • Services for First Nations, Métis and Inuit children

What are the challenges and innovations in publicly-funded home care and community-based services for children with complex care needs? 

  • Defining children with complex care needs 
  • Fragmented services 
  • Rural and remote access 
  • Parent and carer supports  

Pediatric Infographic




CHCA Accred Canada Report

High Impact Practices
The Way Forward
Wound Care - Knowledge Network


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