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CHCA on the Issues - Pediatrics

Children and youth with complex care needs are among the most vulnerable populations served by our health and social care systems. Life-saving interventions and advances in medical technology enable children with complex care needs to live well into adulthood and beyond. Parents of children with complex care needs play a unique and special role in supporting their child to live a healthy and productive life at home. 

 Pediatric Infographic

Challenges & Opportunities - Infographic

The often complicated health and social systems require parents and other family members to learn a variety of skills and develop incredible stamina to enable their child to remain safe at home and active in the community.

  • Learn about the issues, challenges and opportunities for publicly-funded home care and community-based services for children with complex care needs. 
  • Which provinces and territories are implementing innovative home and community care models? 

Home and Community-Based Services and Supports for Children with Complex Care Needs

The full report describes the current programs available through provincial and territorial governments for children with complex care needs. Learn about:  

  • Governance
  • Definition of children with complex care needs
  • Legislation
  • Eligibility and Access
  • Range of Services
  • Service Delivery
  • Supports for Family Carers
  • Safety in the Home
  • Innovation
  • Challenges
  • Opportunities

Pediatric Home Care Report 2016

Seniors Infographic

High Impact Practices
The Way Forward
Wound Care - Knowledge Network


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