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About the CHCA - Board of Directors

CHCA President
Réal Cloutier
Chief Operating Office, VP of Community Health Services, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority  

British Columbia
Election call in January 2016


Jamie Davenport
Director, Home Care Development, Seniors Health, Community Seniors Addictions & Mental Health. Alberta Health Services


Alan Buckley 
Director, Home Care, Saskatoon Health Authority

Election call in January 2016

Dale Clement  
Chief Executive Officer, Wellington-Waterloo Community Care Access Centre


Cindy Starnino
Directrice adjointe des services multidisciplinaires, Direction DSM

Nova Scotia
Ruby Knowles
Executive Director Continuing Care Branch, Nova Scotia Health and Wellness

New Brunswick & Treasurer
Jennifer Elliott
Health Consultant, New Brunswick Extra Mural, NB Department of Health

Alice Kennedy
Vice President, Eastern Health

Prince Edward Island
Cecil Villard
Executive Director Home Based and Long Term Care, Health PEI

Jennifer Colpaugh 
Territorial Home & Community Care Coordinator 

Service Provider
Anthony Milonas 
Chief Operating Officer, CBI Health Group 

Service Provider & Treasurer
Lori Lord 
Chief Executive Officer, Spectrum Health Care 

Heather Alton 
Manager, Community Care Yukon Health and Social Services

First Nations & Inuit Health Branch 

Marlene Nose
Program Manager / National Coordinator, FNIHCC Program, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada

Last Updated: 2015 11 27