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Home Care Summit - 2016

At the 2016 Home Care Summit participants explored 5 big ideas that will modernize home care in Canada.  

Big Idea #1:  Adaptability is the New Competitive Advantage
Instead of being really good at doing some particular thing, home care organizations must be really good at learning how to do new things.  We need to be bold and innovative - not only with products and services but with care models, processes, and strategies.      

Big Idea #2:  Build People Power 
New skills and capacity will be needed to manage complex multistakeholder systems in an increasingly interconnected system.  We must learn to unlock our two greatest resources – patients, carers, and frontline staff.  

Big Idea #3: Expand the Leadership Equation 
Provide leadership knowledge and support learning experiences for our professional and para-professional staff, our administration teams and our management groups.  Explore new ways of providing knowledge through virtual programs and team building.

Big Idea #4: Nurture Our Networks
Explore new ways to establish and evaluation  networks and relationships within and between organizations and different parts of our health care system to understand patient care, information flow, decision-making, trust and teamwork. 

Big Idea #5: Power Up and Spread Out  
Build internal capacity to embrace and drive change. Innovative partnerships, access to external experts and proven quality and improvement methodology are critical to our success.  


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