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Home Care Summit - 2014


MON 1B: Community Based Geriatric Consult Team for the Homebound Client (Presentation not available)

MON 4A: Are Home Care and Facility-Based Long Term Care Services Affordable to Canadians? (Presentation Cancelled)

MON 4B: The Demographic Challenge–Community Capacity Planning (Presentation not available)

MON 6A: Medication Reconciliation (Presentation not available)

  TUES 4A: High Risk and High Cost Patients–The Triple Aim Approach

  TUES 4B: Transformation–One Year Later

  TUES 5A: Enabling Aging at Home: The Role of Adult Day Programs in the Continuum of Care

  TUES 5B: Putting the Me in Memory Care

  TUES 6A: The Voices of Family Caregivers: A Window into their Experiences

  TUES 6B: Caregivers: Essential Partners in Care

  TUES 7A: Translating Knowledge from Medical Legal Claims to Improve Client Safety and Enhance Accountability

  TUES 7B: Partnering to Mitigate Safety Risks in Homecare for Clients, Caregivers and Providers

  TUES 7C: Improve Falls Prevention Using Multi Incident Analysis

  TUES 8A: Community Partnerships Support Seniors to Return Home and Remain at Home

  TUES 8B: The Path to Integration- Bridging the Gaps through Coordinated Care

  TUES 8C: Community Based Intravenous (IV) Therapy Treatment Pilot

  TUES 9A: Facilitating Inter-Departmental Collaboration Between Transition Services and Home Care: Awareness Through Staff Exchange

  TUES 9B: ‘PSW’ Registries–A Critical Tool for the Future of Sustainable Health Care 

  TUES 9C: Excellence in Talent Management

  TUES 10A: The Dementia Care Team Pilot

  TUES 10B: Cognitive Therapeutics and Non-Pharmacological Approaches to Dementia Care

  TUES 10C: CHOICE in Comprehensive Adult Day Programs

  TUES 11A: Building Case Management Expertise: An Innovative Knowledge Transfer Model

  TUES 11B: A Team Approach to Self-Managed Care 

  TUES 11C: Beyond the Borders: A Community Based Approach to Integration

  TUES 12A: JIRA Reporting Tool: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Promote Event Reporting and Risk Management

  TUES 12B: Reducing Client Driven Missed Visits- A Model of Shared Responsibility

  TUES 13A: Best Practice is Best: Exploration of the Factors Influencing Home Care Nurses’ Development of Evidence Based Practice

  TUES 13B: Competency Validation and Home Care Nursing: Creating Opportunities for Learning from Year One Challenges

  TUES 14A: Caregiving as a Human Rights Issue

  TUES 14B: Framing Caregiving to Older Adults: A Comparative Analysis of Newspaper Coverage in Belgium, France and Québec

  TUES 14C: Integrating the Client Voice in Strategic Planning

  TUES 15A: Home First–Interior Health

  TUES 15B: Physician Collaborative Team in Home Care

  TUES 15C: How to Transition your Culture to Home First

  TUES 16A: Connecting Patients with Providers: A Pan-Canadian Study on Remote Patient Monitoring

  TUES 16B: GPS Device Use with Home Care Clients Experiencing Wandering Behaviour

  WED 1A: Proactive Health Human Resources in Home Care, a Pilot Project 

  WED 1B: Using Nursing Order Sets to Advance Evidence-Based Practice in Home Care

  WED 2A: Creating Tyze with Clients and Family Caregivers 

  WED 2B: The Caregiver Recharge: Using interRAI Instruments to Understand Caregivers Needs 

  WED 3A: Transforming Community Access for Home Health: The Home Health Service Line

  WED 3B: How to Streamline your Client Service Centre in a 24/7 World

  WED 4A: SCRIPT: The Transformation to Client Driven Inter-professional Care 

  WED 4B: Performance Indicators in Home Health Care

  WED 4C: Working Together: Fostering Inter-Sectoral Partnerships to Better Support Underserved Communities 

  WED 5A: A Life-Saving Partnership: Using Health Assessment Information to Inform Disaster Response

  WED 5B: Making Home Safer for Seniors 

  WED 6A: Building Inter-Agency Collaboration to Improve Care Delivery to Clients with Dementia Living at Home 

  WED 6B: Community Bathing: A Core Component of Day Programs for Older Adults 

  WED 7A: Culturally Safe and Evidence-Based Knowledge Sharing and Action with First Nation, Inuit and Métis Communities 

  WED 7B: Integrating Home Care Services On-Reserve: Promising Practices for First Nation Communities 

  WED 8A: Rapid Recovery Services 

  WED 8B: Home Living Geriatric Consult Team: Collaborating to Stabilize Seniors with Complex Needs in the Community

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