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CHCA on the Issues - Person-Centred Care

Client-centred Care is “…an approach to the planning, delivery and evaluation of home and community care that is grounded in mutually beneficial partnerships among people using the healthcare system, their family and healthcare providers”

(adapted from the Institute of Patient and Family Centred Care, 2010)



Client-Centred Care in the Canadian Home and Community Sector

A Review of Key Concepts

September 2011


Although there is much discussion supporting client-centred care, there is a lack of clarity or agreement regarding what is meant by the term and how it can be applied in practice. Terminology such as patient/client/family/person-centred, patient-focused, person-oriented and client-oriented care are used to describe various systems and approaches to practice. Although these terms are, at times, used interchangeably with client-centred care, closer analysis of the terminology has revealed distinctions between these definitions and how they are interpreted and implemented in practice. As a result of this lack of clarity, practice and implementation of client-centred care has varied between disciplines and across clinical settings.

This project seeks to examine the available literature on client-centred care within the context of the home and community care sector, clarifying existing definitions, concepts and practices which can influence client-centred care in this environment.

 Complete Literature Review

Useful Fact Sheets

 What is Client Centred Care (Fact Sheet 1)

 Approaches to the implementation of client-centred care (fact sheet 2)

 Technology and client-centred care (fact sheet 3)

 Evidence-informed implementation strategies and barriers for client- centred care at the individual / point of care level (fact sheet 4)

 Evidence-informed implementation strategies and barriers for client-centred care at the organizational level (fact sheet 5)

 Evidence-informed implementation strategies and barriers for client-centred care at the system level (fact sheet 6)

 Evidence-informed implementation strategies and barriers for client-centred care in the home and community sector (fact sheet 7)

 Measuring client-centred care (fact sheet 8)

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