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Knowledge Network



As a national association, the CHCA is a "unifying force" which amplifies our members' individual voices to influence national policy directions on key professional and political issues.  The Association’s activities are guided by our strategic directives:


LEADERSHIP: Initiate conversations that catalyze change

ADVOCACY: Inform and influence policy and practice

AWARENESS: Increase the understanding of the role and value of home care

KNOWLEDGE: Facilitate continuous learning through partnerships and networking


The CHCA Knowledge Network engages policy makers, home care leaders and researchers from across the country and stimulates dialogue on the role and potential of home care within an integrated health care system.   The network exchange will be supported through:

·       A series of invitational interactive roundtable.

·       Informative webinars supporting key priorities areas.

·       Dissemination of research papers, including summary reports on the impact / role of home care within the research.



Last Updated: 2015 02 26