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Pre-Budget Consultation: 2015 Federal Budget

Supporting Vulnerable Populations by Strengthening Home Care in Canada

Canadians are facing a shortage of accessible and affordable home care services.  This shortage is the result of the demand for home care services outpacing related funding and resources. The Federal Government has a critical role in meeting the needs of our aging and vulnerable populations with long-term chronic health issues. Without federal action, one in every six seniors will be faced with unnecessary physical and financial challenges in accessing affordable home care. 

The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) proposes three strategies to address this need: 

  1. Expand the GST exemption on privately paid home care services to include individuals who are not receiving publicly funded services.
  2. Create a $300 million Home and Community Care Catalyst Fund to facilitate the transition of health care services from acute care to home and community care.
  3. Dedicate $3 million in project funding to a front-line initiative that will mobilize A Canadian Caregiver Strategy and support the 8 million family caregivers who contribute over $25 billion of unpaid labour to our health care system.




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