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2010 Home Care Summit Presentations


Imagine the Knowledge and the Networking

With over 65 dynamic presentations, interactive and motivational workshops and inspirational plenary sessions, the 2010 Home Care Summit was an overwhelming success.
Each day the program opened with thought provoking plenary presentations and continued with interesting concurrent presentations that reinforce our themes of access, quality, excellence and leadership.


  Click here to download the On-site Conference Program


The concurrent presentations are listed by session number:

 Session 1A: Imagine….Sharing all the Data
 Session 1B: Valuing Home and Community Care – An Economic Model

 Session 2A: The Circle Of Care - The Evolution of Intergrated Care Teams
 Session 2B: Leading to Unite! : Partnerships and Cultural Diversity in Pursuit of Goals
 Session 2C: Aging At Home Strategy – A Collaborative Approach to System-Wide Evaluation

 Session 3A: Imagine the Future of Seniors’ Health
 Session 3B: Integrated Assisted Living Program for Seniors

 Session 4A: Optimizing Patient Outcomes and Reducing Health Care Costs with Point-of-Care Electronic Health Tools
 Session 4B: Care Anywhere: Technology Supporting Home Care Service Delivery
 Session 4C: Advancing CCA/HSW Autonomy in Service Delivery

 Session 5A: Ethical Decision-making: The Adaptation and Implementation of an Ethical Decison-Making Framework in a Home Care Organization
 Session 5B: The “Ethics of Transition” from Hospital to Home
 Session 5C: Supporting Clients' Choices and Supporting Staff When Clients Choose to Live at Risk

 Session 6A: Engaging the Community to Build Home Care Capacity
 Session 6B: Integrating Caregiver Support in Alberta’s Primary Care Networks

 Session 7A: Emergency To Home: A Senior's Journey to the Right Care
 Session 7B: Virtual Ward - A Shared Care Model to Improve High Risk Hospital Discharges
 Session 7C: Enhancing Quality Care: Partnering Clergy and Community Health

Session 8A: A Handheld Imaging Technology Platform for Wound Care (Presentation currently unavailable)

 Session 8B: Meeting the Challenge of Managing Diabetic Wounds in the Home

 Session 8C: Implementing and Sustaining a Regional Standardization of Wound Management Practices


 Session 9A: Implementation of a Model of Integrated Primary and Community Care


 Session 10A: Imagined and Achieved: The Canadian Virtual Hospice - Supporting Practice Online

 Session 10B: A Cutting Edge Palliative Care Training for Multidisciplinary Health Care Professionals

 Session 10C: Inuvialuit and Gwich’in End of Life Care


 Session 11A: Does Mobile Technology Support Nurses' Decision Making?

 Session 11B: Using Technology to Enhance Effective and Efficient Home Care Service Delivery

 Session 11C: Independant Living System Benefits Elderly, Caregivers, & Community

 Session 12A: Imagine “The Perfect Job” - What CCA/HSWs Really Want
 Session 12B: Creating a Professional Identity for Personal Support Workers in Ontario
 Session 12C: Maximizing Health Human Resources: Valuing Unregulated Care Providers in the Home

 Presentation 1: PRISMA: Composantes du réseau intégré, implantation et impacts

 Presentation 2: Présentation du projet RSIPA informatisé, Livraison 1 – Déploiement dans la région des Laurentides

 Presentation 3: Plan d’accès aux services pour les personnes ayant une déficience

 Presentation 4: Home First Philosophy, “An integrated approach to creating better outcomes for seniors and reducing ALC”  
                  (Click here to download the CHCA High Impact Practice "Home First")


  Session 14A: Imagine Knowing What You Don’t Know


 Session 15A: In Recognition of Caregivers: Nova Scotia’s New Caregiver Allowance Program

 Session 15B: Manitoba's Primary Caregiver Tax Credit


 Session 16A: Talking about the Social Exclusion of Seniors: Examining the Impact of our Interventions


 Session 17A: On-line Home Care Nurse Leadership

 Session 17B: Generation Y Is Right. The Rest of Us Have it all Wrong


 Session 18A: Compelling Evidence: How the Evolving Story of Wound Care in Home Care can Influence Policy and Effect Lasting Change


 Session 19A: One Year Later, Medication Reconciliation Outcomes

              Click here to download the tool for rapid identification of potential herbal medicine–drug interactions


 Session 19B: Knowledge Sharing in Cancer Control: Reaching the Distance


 Session 20A: Empowering Patients to Manage Chronic Disease at Home Using Remote Patient Monitoring Technology

 Session 20B: Servicing Stroke Survivors in Remote First Nations -The Tele-Rehab Research Project

 Session 20C: Care-ring Voice Network: Transforming the Lives of Caregivers Through Teleconferencing


 Session 21A: Imagine all the People … Living for Today

 Session 21B: Accessing Care with a SMILE

 Session 21C: Client Centred Care: Intra-Agency Service Integration


 Session 22A: Report Back and Moving Forward: Pan Canadian Consultations on Human Resources in Home Care


 Session 23A: Improving Homecare Practices: Partnership And Flexibility

 Session 23B: An Innovative Approach to Implementing Advance Care Planning in a Health Authority


 Session 24A: Developing an Organizational Respite Orientation Policy

 Session 24B: An HR Survey of Staff & Volunteers Providing Community Support Services

 Session 24C: The Respite and Relief Program in Cornwall, Ontario


 Session 25A: Caseload Management: Beyond the Numbers

 Session 25B: Developing Case Management in Canada


 Session 26A: Working Together Works: Improving Access to Home Care Services for First Nations Individuals living on Reserve in Nova Scotia

 Session 26B: Out of the Home and into the Street

 Session 26C: Helping New Canadians Navigate the Home Care System


 Session 27A: Evolution of an Automated Clinical Information System: Imagine, Enable and Integrate

 Session 27B: Evaluating the Benefits of Quebec’s Constellation Project

 Session 27C: Technology: Overcoming Distance and Time When Educating Staff


 Session 28A: Imagine the Future of Caregiving in Canada


 Session 29A: Ontario's Integrated Client Care Project

 Session 29B: Using the Seven Leadership Leverage Points to Deliver on the Promise of Integrated Client Care


 Session 30A: Alternative Residential Care Centre in a Private Seniors’ Residence

 Session 30B: Home First: Supporting The Right Service to the Right Client at the Right Time in the Right Environment

 Session 30C: Valuing Supportive Housing in North West Ontario


 Session 31A: Creating a Culture Revolution to Improve Client Safety

 Session 31B: Safety Through use of the Accreditation Canada Required Organizational Practices in Saskatchewan Aboriginal Homecare Services

 Session 31C: Connecting You With Care: Healthy Conversations



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