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CHCA on the Issues - Rural Home Care

According to Statistics Canada (2001), rural Canadians make up about 20% of the employed Canadian workforce and 31.4% of the total population. In addition, approximately 98% of the nation’s geographic territory is classified as ‘rural’.   Given the predominance of rural and remote regions across Canada it is important for health care to be maintained in these areas.   Individuals who reside in rural and remote communities often have less favourable health determinant status i.e., low level of formal education, low income.  Since populations in rural communities tend to be older on average, the in-migration of older people into rural areas will increase the stresses on the local health-care system.

As provincial, territorial and the federal government (federally funded programs for First Nations and Inuit, Veterans Affairs) shift their policy focus from provision of care in an acute care setting to provision of care “closer to home”, it is critical that home care policy planners and administrators understand the challenges of providing this care in rural an remote settings.

The Delivery of Home Care Services in Remote Communities in Canada

Identifying Service Gaps and Examining Innovative Practice

November 2006 

The goal of this project was to further our understanding of the complexity of rural health care policy as it relates to home care services in Canada.   The project team set out to obtain qualitative information on home care services for rural and remote communities pertaining to unmet needs and service gaps, innovations, best practices and the resultant impact on vulnerable populations. 

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A Scan of Options for Delivering Home Care in Rural, Remote and Northern Regions of Canada

February 2008

This project examined the home care delivery experience in three very different, albeit rural and remote settings in Canada.  Staff and clients opened their doors and spoke frankly about their efforts to secure quality health care.  This final report serves to share the experiential data from the site visits and provide analysis and recommendations drawing on the knowledge and expertise within the CHCA

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