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2014 Summit – Call for Abstract

The Call for Abstracts is now closed. 

Successful applicants will be notified by June 16, 2014

 Abstract Content Guidelines

Presentations selected for this year’s program will be those providing insights and practical applications to support the following key priority areas: 

Client and Family-Centred Care
Programs and policies that ensure clients and their family caregivers are at the centre of care provided in their home.  

Accessible Care
Strategies that ensure clients / patients have equitable, appropriate, consistent access to home care, and are fully informed of the care and service options available to them. 

Accountable Care
Home care is accountable to clients and their caregivers, providers, and the health care system for the provision and ongoing improvement of quality care.  

Evidence-Based Care
Knowledge that is grounded in evidence is used as the foundation for effective and efficient care provision, resource allocation and innovation.   

Integrated Care
Home care facilitates the integration of care across the continuum of health care and with community and social services; care is complementary, coordinated and seamless with a focus on continuity for the client.  

Sustainable Care
Home care contributes to the sustainability of an integrated health system by increasing efficiency and delivering cost effective care.

  Download the Call for Abstract Flyer

  Download the Abstract Content Guidelines

Submit your abstract on-line

Closing Date is May 23, 2014

You are invited to submit multiple abstracts.   After the closing date the site will be locked and no further submissions will be allowed.

Final decisions will be sent to the primary contact by June 16, 2014.  Criteria that will be used in the selection process include:

a)     Relevance: topic, adherence to theme

b)     Content: purpose, content, outcomes

c)     Appropriateness: format, collaboration 


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