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Access to Care

The CHCA ‘s vision of health care is an integrated system that provides accessible, responsive services which enable people to safely stay in their homes with dignity and independence and quality of life.  


Within this integrated system, the home care sector will provide services that encompass health promotion and teaching, curative intervention, end-of-life care, rehabilitation, support and maintenance, social adaptation and integration and support for the family caregiver.


 Access to Quality Care



Access to Quality Health Care: The Home Care Contribution


Examples of the effectiveness, outcomes and potential of home care as an integral component of an accessible, high quality health care system.


Three strategies to realize the potential of and the optimization of the value of the home care sector to our overall health care system and the quality of life for Canadians.






Access to Care - Briefing Paper






The Integral Role of Home Care in Improving Access to Care

CHCA Briefing Paper


This paper discusses some of the ways that a strong home care sector can facilitate access to care thereby contributing to:

  • Improving access to primary health care
  • Reducing wait times
  • Assisting individuals to proactively manage their chronic diseases.





Case Management and Access





Case Management as a Strategy for Systems Integration


Case Management in home care can be utilized as a strategy for health systems integration.


Through the implementation of five essential steps, home care programs can move to a more pro-active, results orientated approach to case management and chronic disease management.






PHC Project Final






Partnership in Practice – Home Care and Primary Health Care


The National Partnership Project results and experience strongly suggest that implementing two key strategies involving home care – specifically,

  • Aligning case managers with family physicians, and
  • Expanding the role of home care in chronic disease management,

can yield high impact benefits for primary health care in Canada.  


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