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Technology Enabled Home Care

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Am I Safe



Providing safe health care in an unpredictable home setting poses unique challenges.  Living at risk is a personal choice and requires health care providers to engage patients and their carers in conversations about identifying, managing and mitigating risk.  

This pan-Canadian environmental scan of primary health care, acute care and home care stakeholders explored the availability and use of tools and resources to guide conversations about risk in the context of care in the home setting.  

The scan identified the need for resources for health care providers to help patients and their carers answer the question "Am I Safe?"

Harmonized Princples



 Portraits of Home Care in Canada 2013

Portraits of Home Care in Canada 2013

The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) announced today the release of their signature publication, Portraits of Home Care in Canada 2013 (Portraits 2013), a unique profile of  provincial, territorial and federally funded programs.  


Portraits 2013 sheds light on why home care is important to Canadians and the vital role it plays in our changing health care system. 


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The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA), incorporated in 1990, is a national not-for-profit membership association representing home care stakeholders from governments (federal, provincial and territorial), health authorities, publicly funded home care programs, service providers, medical and technology companies, researchers and others with an interest in home care.  The CHCA advances excellence in home care and continuing care through leadership, awareness, advocacy and knowledge.

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