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CHCA on the Issues - Palliative Care



 Imagine a new reality: hospice palliative care is available to Canadians when and where they need it, and living well until death is the goal of care. 

Now, imagine a plan to get there.

That's the Way Forward 

An Integrated Palliative Approach to Care. 

Visit The Way Forward Website 

The Way Forward is three year catalyst project, funded by the Government of Canada that is working to move towards community-integration of hospice palliative care across all health care settings.  Commencing in 2012, the project is engaging federal, provincial and territorial governments, regional health authorities, clinicians and service providers to identify and share best practices, and develop tools and resources to support integration of a palliative approach across all care settings, including home care, long-term care and primary care.  Directed by the Quality End of Life Care Coalition of Canada and managed through the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, The Way Forward is actively engaging stakeholder to shape a national framework and action plan.  

The Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA), on behalf of our membership, is actively involved in this work to ensure that home care stakeholders have input into the direction and actions of this innovative initiative. 

We encourage you to access the resources developed by The Way Forward and provide your input into the Framework.

The Way Forward - The Caregiver Voice

In partnership with The Way Forward: An Integrated Palliative Approach to Care, the Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) reached out to caregivers of individuals with life-limiting illnesses. Specifically, the CHCA wanted to consult with caregivers across the country to uncover what caregiver supports would be needed to implement an integrated palliative approach to care. The CHCA also sought caregiver feedback on the effectiveness of current supports. The widespread dissemination and uptake of The Way Forward can only be accomplished by recognizing and understanding caregiver needs. If the goal is to continue to provide quality integrated palliative care in the places where patients choose to live, for as long as possible and with as much quality as possible, then the needs of their family caregivers must be addressed.    

An Integrated Hospice Palliative Approach to Care in the Home and Community  - Interactive Webinar (March 5, 2014)
This webinar highlighted The Way Forward, as well as hospice palliative resources available to community health care providers through Canadian Virtual Hospice.

Integrated Hospice Palliative Approaches in Canada: Home Care Challenges & Opportunities 
Jennifer Campagnolo, Director of Innovation, Canadian Home Care Association

Moving Towards an Integrated Palliative Approach to Care in Home Care
Leanne Kitchen Clarke, Project Manager, The Way Forward 

Integrating Palliative Care: Tools and Resources Available on Canadian Virtual Hospice
Brenda Hearson, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Canadian Virtual Hospice
Contact: Brenda Hearson
Check out the Virtual Hospice Website - Click here

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The Way Forward
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