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About the CHCA - Strategic Priorities

The CHCA is a catalyst for advancing excellence in home and continuing care. On behalf of our membership, the CHCA funds and manages projects that address pan-Canadian priorities in the home care sector. As a recognized and respected facilitator, the CHCA builds connections across the country and coordinates sharing of information and promising practices. As a national association, the CHCA is a unifying force that amplifies our members' individual voices to influence national policy directions on key professional and political issues. Our work is guided by four strategic pillars: 

  • Leadership: The CHCA initiates conversations that catalyze change.
  • Advocacy: The CHCA informs and influences policy and practice.
  • Awareness:The CHCA increases the understanding of the role and value of home care.
  • Knowledge:The CHCA facilitates continuous learning through partnerships and networking.


Building on the framework of the Harmonized Principles for Home Care, the CHCA Knowledge Network will systematically identify, capture, interpret, share and re-frame new knowledge (based on research and experience). Through the network, organizations will gain access to new knowledge and change management strategies to adapt new models of care that result in better care, better outcomes and better value for investment. 

Through our active involvement in the Canadian Caregiver Coalition and International Alliance of Carer Organizations, the CHCA will champion the well-being of family caregivers by advocating for the adoption and implementation of the Canadian Caregiver Strategy in legislation, policy and programming. 

Through collaborative partnerships the CHCA will advance a culture of safety by engaging clients, family caregivers and health care professionals to build an awareness and understanding of strategies and tools to prevent, identify and manage risk in the home setting. 

The CHCA will identify and stimulate innovative models of care and technology applications that facilitate an integrated, person-centred approach to health and wellness and support independence, safety and quality care in the home setting. 

Last Updated: 2015 09 17