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Don’t miss the opportunity to be involved in the Home Care Safety Improvement Collaborative, Wave Two

Join home care teams from across Canada to learn and apply improvement methods and address patient safety priorities.   

  • Call for submissions opens Dec 1 and closes Dec 20.   
  • Information webinar - Dec 6.




Better Home Care Action Plan

Evidence-informed practices in home and community care that result in better care, better outcomes and better value.

OTN - High Impact Practice 2016

Telehomecare in Ontario: Better Health, at Home
Virtual Care Series

The large-scale deployment of Telehomecare as an enabler of care delivery across Ontario. It profiles the role of the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) as a driver and catalyst in establishing virtual care models and mobile technologies that improve patient satisfaction and health system efficiencies.

  • 58 to 73 % reduction in emergency department visits
  • 67 – 81% reduction in acute in-patient admission rates
  • Majority of patients indicated overall satisfaction with the service and increased confidence in their self-management skills. 

Home Care Summit 2016

Pediatric Home Care



Home and Community-Based Services and Supports
Children with Complex Care Needs

Children and youth with complex care needs are among the most vulnerable populations served by our health and social care systems.This report describes the findings of a pan-Canadian scan of the current programs available through provincial and territorial governments for children with complex care needs. Specifically, the project scope included:

  • Availability of programs and services, accessibility, eligibility, limitations or restrictions, funding eligibility and caregiver supports.
  • Issues, challenges and opportunities for home-based services for children with complex care needs.
  • Perspective and advice of parents who provide necessary care and support.
  • Services available through provincial and territorial funding to Aboriginal children (First Nations, Métis and Inuit) with complex needs who live on- and off-reserve.

What are the challenges and innovations in publicly-funded home care and community-based services for children with complex care needs? To answer this question, we surveyed health and social ministries across Canada, researched publicly available material, interviewed subject matter experts and engaged the parents in conversations.   This is what we found.

  • Defining children with complex care needs - Lack of common definition impacts eligibility, measurement and planning
  • Fragmented services - Limited coordination of care and services across multiple government ministries and programs
  • Rural and remote access - Limited expertise, support and resources as care moves away from urban paediatric hospital
  • Parent challenges - Parents and carers need respite, information, training and financial support

Pediatric Infographic




CHCA Accred Canada Report

High Impact Practices
Many Hands

Integration of Care


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